CIS Postdoctoral Researcher Livia Schubiger Obtains Three Excellence Awards and Shortlisted for Fourth!


CIS congratulates Postdoctorate Researcher Livia Schubiger

Livia Schubiger
Livia Schubiger

We are thrilled to mention that CIS Postdoctoral Researcher Livia Schubiger has obtained three highly-coveted awards, including the following: the University of Zurich Annual Award for Outstanding Scholarship, the Dissertation Prize for Excellence in Applied Development Research from the Research Group on Development Economics of the German Economic Association and the KfW Development Bank (Young Researcher Category). Most recently, Livia also obtained the Prize for Best PhD Thesis from the Department of Political Science, University of Zurich. Finally, Livia was shortlisted for the prestigious ECPR Jean Blondel PhD Prize. We wish to congratulate Livia for her outstanding work and contributions to the field of Political Science!

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