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New Publication in World Development

"Environmental Stressors and Migration: Evidence from Vietnam" by Vally Koubi, Gabriele Spilker, Lena Schaffer, and Thomas Bernauer has been published in the March 2016 issue of World Development. Read more 


EPG offers to host 2017 INOGOV Visiting Fellowships

The scientific network Innovations in Climate Governance (INOGOV) will soon open a call for applications for Visiting Fellowships. The Energy Politics Group at ETH Zurich offers to host STSMs related to our research agenda which centers on questions related to the governance of technological change in the energy sector. Read more 


25 February 2016, Talk

Why Don't Trade Preferences Reflect Economic Self-Interest?

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3 March 2016, Talk

Party Agendas, Issue Yield and Political Inequality

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18 March 2016, Talk

An RCT to Assess the Effects of Televised Messages on Community Norms: A Field Experiment in Rural Uganda

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