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MACIS Expands to 2-Year Program

MACIS will gradually expand the current three-semester structure of 90 ECTS to a two-year program consisting of four semesters (120 ECTS), beginning in Fall 2015 Read more 


Martino Maggetti Nominated Associate Professor at University of Lausanne

Former NCCR PhD student Martino Maggetti has accepted his nomination as Associated Professor at the Institute of Political and International Studies, University of Lausanne, beginning in August 2014. CIS wishes Martino a wonderful start! Read more 


27 November 2014, Colloquium

Forgotten Legitimacy: Governing by the Rules and Ruling by the Numbers in the Eurozone Crisis

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4 December 2014, Colloquium

Diffusion of Human Rights in Intergovernmental Organizations

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11 December 2014, Colloquium

Commodity Shocks and Local Public Goods: A Tale of Two Districts

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