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Dominik Schraff joins EUP Group

Dr. Dominik Schraff has recently joined the EUP group as a PostDoc. He will continue his research on the political economy of regional inequality in Europe. Visit Dominik’s website for more information in his research ( Read more 


EPG organizes E4D School on Energy

The Engineering for Development (E4D) School on Energy will take place from 8-27 January 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa, and comprise of 25-30 graduate students from various countries. The course seeks to equip the students with tools to develop low-carbon energy and development strategies (LCEDS). Read more 


27 October 2016, Colloquium

Mercantilism in a Liberal World Order: The Origins of Persistent Current Account Imbalances

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3 November 2016, Colloquium

Rethinking Experimental Methods in Electoral Research: A Visual Experiment on the Emotionality of the Vote Under Different Electoral Arrangements

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10 November 2016, Colloquium

A Dark Side of Cooperation: When International Organizations Spread Political Vice

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