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Dr. Bjarne Steffen joins Energy Politics Group as post-doctoral researcher

Dr. Steffen’s research focusses on enabling the dissemination of low-carbon energy technologies, especially in developing countries. Read more 


New Publication in Global Environmental Politics

Climate clubs, or “minilateralism,” are increasingly advocated as a way to move global climate governance forward. With supporters and detractors, climate clubs need careful institutional design to be politically feasible. A new article by Robert Gampfer investigates the design features that affect public support support. Read more 


22 September 2016, Colloquium

Why Don't Trade Preferences Reflect Economic Self-Interest?

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6 October 2016, Colloquium

Occupations and the Political Economy of Trade: Job Routineness, Offshorability and Protectionist Sentiment

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13 October 2016, Colloquium

Group Identity and Voting: Norms and Personal Interest

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