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Our research concentrates on five broad themes, namely: Democracy, Markets and Politics, Political Violence, Sustainable Development and Security Studies. See below for more information.


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Democracy Research at CIS  
Democracy Research at CIS

Contemporary border-transgressing processes are undermining the traditional form of representative democracy associated with the nation-state. International and supranational organizations, among them the European Union, are posing new challenges in this regard. Our research group explores the ways in which democratic institutions are able to adapt... Read more

Markets and Politics

Markets and Politics Research at CIS  
Markets and Politics Research at CIS

Markets are social institutions which interact with political structures and processes. The world-wide trend since the 1990s towards domestic and international market liberalization, for example, has been accompanied by a parallel trend towards more government regulation and public-private partnerships. Read more...

Political Violence

Political Violence Research at CIS  
Political Violence Research at CIS

Despite the declining global trend in political violence, civil and ethnic conflicts remain a serious problem especially in poorer regions of the world, claiming victims on a scale that often surpasses even the worst natural disasters. Given the trend toward increasing global interconnectedness, no part of the world is entirely immune to violent conflict. Read more...

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Research at CIS  
Sustainable Development Research at CIS

Socio-economic and environmental sustainability of development processes are key concerns in various policy areas such as development cooperation or international climate policy. These concerns arise at the local as well as at the global level, and require analysis of both the individual, national and international decision-making, as well as of the interaction of decision-making processes at the different levels. Read more...

Security Studies

Center for Security Studies  
Center for Security Studies (CSS)

The Center for Security Studies (CSS) at ETH Zurich is engaged in the study of Swiss and international security studies. Its activities are structured into the four pillars of research, teaching, think tank, and the International Relations and Security Network (ISN). Read more

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